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Someone's Gonna Snap by David Don Miller

written by David Don Miller '01. Featuring Rachel Claire '16, McCaleb Burnett '01, Bree Elrod '03, Antoinette LaVecchia '96

It’s an explosive time at Mid-Valley High School, where students and staff are pushed to the brink of insanity by a nonstop barrage of standardized testing.

Desperate to avoid a global history exam that he is sure to fail, Kenny Hill (18) plots to spread rumors of a bomb threat. When vigilant custodian Dottie Daugherty (63) overhears his plan and hauls him to the office, the principal calls for a lockdown, freezing everyone in their rooms, postponing all exams, and creating building-wide panic.

As the lockdown wears on, tempers boil over, mental health short-circuits, scandals break, careers implode, arrests are made, and a grown man runs through the halls in search of his pants.

Someone’s Gonna Snap is a full-length, rage-driven farcical satire that will make you rethink American public education. It is a play for four actors to play fourteen characters with the velocity and virtuosity of a quartet of dueling Taekwondo masters. The stage is their dojo. Props, costumes, and characters are their bo staffs and nunchuks.


Rachel Claire ('16)

David Don Miller ('01)

Bree Elrod ('03)

Antoinette LaVecchia ('96)

Ann-Kathryn Mills ('21)

Walker Theater

Wednesday, July 25th at 8pm

Earlier Event: July 24
Later Event: July 26
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