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Studio Tisch Salon

safe space for generative artists

An informal sharing of some original songs from Aaron Costa Ganis ‘12, some original songs from Emily Gardner Xu Hall ‘13, and some new writing from Kate Abbruzzese ‘15. And maybe... if you would like to share something, you are encouraged to! But you don't have to... But it would be more fun!


Emphasis on informal! We will be sitting together, enjoying some snacks, and talking about our writing processes a little bit.

the mic is open

You are invited to share some of your original work. NO JUDGMENT. 

Did you write a poem that you think is actually pretty good, but you haven't really thought about it in a while, and no one listens to poetry anyway? Read it to us! We're going to think it's cool!

Did you write a cool monologue that doesn't have a home because you haven't actually finished any of the play, but man, that is a great monologue and would be so fun... Come and perform it here!

Are you wondering why your six-page scene is sitting in your computer and not getting performed by talented actors who you know?? Come and hear it out loud!

Are you intimidated by the idea of writing a whole musical, or maybe a whole album, but you did write that one cute song on ukulele that you want to share with others? Would you like feedback? Or would you emphatically not like feedback? It's up to you!

How can we help you? Let's have fun and bring our work in together!

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